Agate and Geode Home Decor Ideas

Agate Mineral Wall Mural


What is it about agate that is so enchanting?


It is the banding that grabs my interest, and the colours of course. Swirling hues of cobalt blue, berry and fuchsia inspire a sense of luxury and allure.


Little surprise then, that agate has become a rising trend in home décor in recent years. Whether it be lighting, soft furnishings or artwork, here we explore some of the best contemporary agate and geode décor for your home.




Geode Print Rug - Free Boheme 

 Purple Agate Decorative Throw Pillow


Purple Agate Pillow - HuntleighCo 

 Modern Agate Clock


Modern Teal Agate Clock - ModNorthandCo


Agate Bookends


Agate Bookends - Graham and Green


Mineral Photography Print


Mineral Photography Print - ShineHausCollective


Agate and Gold Side Table


Agate and Gold Side Table


Agate Slab Candle Holder


Agate Slab Candle Holder - SoulMakes


Hanging Agate


Hanging Agate



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