An Introduction to Aura Quartz

Victoria Craven

Aura quartz crystals, with their irresistible rainbow sheen, have been escalating in popularity for some time now.


But what exactly is aura quartz, and why is it so admired in the metaphysical world? In this introduction we explore some of the facts about this fascinating crystal.


Aura quartz began causing a stir in the new age realm in the 1980s. People were drawn to the dazzling spectrum of colours exhibited by the crystal, but opinion was divided as to how relevant it was in the field of natural healing. The reason for this is that while the quartz element of the crystal is natural, the famous iridescence seen on the surface of these crystals is added artificially. The crystals are also often colour enhanced.


To produce aura quartz, the original quartz specimen is first placed inside a vacuum chamber. The temperature is increased, and metal vapours are introduced. The metal atoms fuse to the surface of the quartz, and thus a permanent iridescent sheen is created.


An alternative technique involves the use of a natural electrostatic charge. This method usually involves titanium molecules, which are attracted to the surface of the quartz during the process.


It is generally accepted that while formed through an artificial process, the original properties of the crystal are intensified as a result. A new set of energies is also generated.


There is a huge range of aura quartz crystals available. Below are some of the best known variations.




Angel aura quartz is a clear quartz that is bonded with silver, platinum or other trace metals. The crystal appears clear until light hits it from a certain angle, then it shows an incredible variation of colours on its surface.

Angel aura quartz is believed to stimulate the spirit, and is regarded as an all-round healer. As its name suggests, this crystal is associated with angel guides and attuning to one’s spiritual calling.


Angel aura quartz pendants




Aqua aura quartz is named for its mesmerising aquamarine colour. It has an exceptionally high energy, and is often used to activate the chakras.


It is believed to shield against negative energy, while also allowing emotions to be expressed in a calm and positive manner.


Aqua aura quartz crystal bracelet




Sunshine aura quartz is usually bonded with gold and platinum. 


It is associated with health and energy. A crystal that is thought to increase one’s natural sense of joy, it is also used to help overcome past trauma and upsetting experiences.


Sunshine aura quartz crystal





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