Seriously Succulent

Victoria Craven

I am the first to admit that I am not in the slightest bit green-fingered. Happily, if you decide to keep succulents you don't need to be. You can scatter these otherworldly plants around your home or garden, and as long as you remember to give them a little water from time to time they should thrive.


Succulents have become very chic in the last few years, and they make a very fashionable addition to the boho home. You have a lot of options if you're looking to tap into the trend, as there's thought to be many thousands of types of succulent, and you can find them in just about any colour you can imagine. As well as their quirky looks, they have some cracking names; Prickly Pear, Hens and Chicks, Moonstones and Donkeys Tails are some of my favourites. If you are so inclined you can pickle them, preserve them as a jam, mill them to create flour, and even make clothing dye from them.


But if you just want an easy way to introduce succulents into your daily life, these are some of my top picks from creative people around the web.


 Succulent in teardrop glass terrariumTeardrop glass terrarium - GlasshouseUK



Succulent bouquet


Succulent bouquet - The Succulent Source



Felt succulent wreath


Felt succulent wreath - Felt & Mason



Terrarium stickers


Terrarium stickers - Moonlume



Succulents wedding cake


Succulents wedding cake - Blue Lace Cakes

Photography - Villa Visuals



Succulent crown


Succulent crown - Passionflower



Succulents bridal shower invitation


Succulents bridal shower invitation - Simply Social Designs



Spiral succulent decorative pillow


Spiral succulent decorative pillow - Plantillo



Succulent heart


Succulent heart - Santa Barbara Succulent Art



Succulent wreath embroidery art


Succulent wreath embroidery art - West Coast Creator

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  • Lovely choices, and thanks for info on all your sources. Can’t wait to explore them all!

    JAne MCDonald

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