The Supermoon is Coming

Victoria Craven

The end of January will see a rare celestial phenomenon. There is going to be a super blue moon, coinciding with a total lunar eclipse.


While we in the UK will be able to witness the blue moon, we will not, unfortunately, see the eclipse. However, if you fancy a trip to north eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia or the United States, you should be able to view the full exciting spectacle.




The term ‘blue moon’ is used to describe the second full moon within a single calender month. It only occurs every few years, hence the phrase ‘Once in a blue moon.’


Couple the already rare blue moon with a total lunar eclipse on the same night, and you have a spectacular celestial event last experienced one hundred and fifty years ago.


Confusingly, the moon will not appear blue during the event on 31st January 2018. Instead, it will appear red or burnt-orange, hence why it is sometimes referred to as a Blood Moon. The moon will, however, appear larger and brighter as it moves closer to the Earth than usual.





If you are spiritually-minded, what should you be doing to make the most of this abundance of lunar energy?


Firstly, we should understand that the moon is believed to represent our inner world, or shadow-self.


A blue moon has long been associated with growth of wisdom, and increasing spiritual clarity. Similarly, a lunar eclipse is considered the ideal time to allow new ideas to take hold, and to move towards your goals for the year ahead. In other words, it is a time to stop allowing any hidden potential to be ‘eclipsed,’ and take inspiration from the new emergence of our moon on this spectacular night.


If nothing else, the super blue moon lunar eclipse should reinforce in us the knowledge that our planet is truly enchanting, and always has the potential to captivate.

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