Pale Pink Aura Quartz Crystal Tower

Rose and Rabbit Designs

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Mesmerising pale pink aura quartz crystal tower.

When light hits the crystal from a certain angle, it flashes with incredible rainbow colours.

This polished crystal obelisk is free standing, so makes a wonderful addition to the home. Try keeping it near a window to watch the wonderful colours appear in the sunlight!

These crystals vary slightly in height and width.


2" x 0.8" x 0.8"

23 - 29g

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AURA QUARTZ is believed to help bring about an inner balance. It is often used in meditation, as it is thought to increase calm and awaken the inner spiritual self.  Aura quartz is thought to promote self-worth, while also increasing empathy towards others.

Aura quartz is created when metal vapours are fused to the surface of a quartz specimen in a vacuum chamber. This process results in a permanent rainbow sheen on the surface of the crystal. In addition to creating an incredible-looking crystal, this process is believed to intensify the properties of the original elements and introduce unique new energies of its own. 


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