Aura Amethyst Crystal Cluster

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Beautiful aura amethyst crystal cluster.

This incredible piece is perfect for those who love healing crystals.

It is free-standing, so would make a wonderful decoration for the boho home.

Your aura amethyst crystal cluster will be selected at random from our stock. The crystals we have are all of similar size and weight (see details below), but vary slightly in shape, etc.


2" x 2" x 1"

65 - 80g

Aura amethyst is created when the surface of an amethyst geode is coated with metal vapours (usually titanium). This bonding results in the surface of the crystal showing an incredible range of colours, including pinks, blues and yellows.

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AURA AMETHYST is believed to soothe the spirit and diminish negative thoughts. It is also thought to reduce anger and bring a sense of calm. Because of this it is frequently used in meditation, and is prized for its high spiritual vibrations.


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