Blue Goldstone Small Crystal Necklace

Rose and Rabbit Designs

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Blue goldstone small crystal necklace.

The blue goldstone sparkles incredibly when the light hits it.

The crystal is suspended on a gold-plated chain, and you can select the chain length using the drop-down menu.

The blue goldstone pendant measures aprox 0.75 inches in width.

The gold detailing on the stone is added by hand, so may not show complete symmetry. This adds to its unique appeal.

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BLUE GOLDSTONE is thought to be useful in deflecting negative energy. It is associated with wish-making, and is often carried by actors, musicians and other performers, as it is believed to bring about career-advancement. Blue goldstone is regarded as a stone of protection, and may enhance the transmission of healing energy from the hands of the wearer. In physical healing it is thought to alleviate allergies and stimulate the nervous system.

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