Herkimer Diamond Bracelet in Silver

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Beautiful Herkimer diamond bracelet in silver.

Herkimer diamonds are so called as they originate in and around the Herkimer region of New York. Herkimer diamonds are actually quartz, but they are referred to as 'diamonds' due to their natural faceting and clarity.

The Herkimer is surrounded by crushed pyrite, which sparkles magnificently when the light hits it.

This bracelet is silver-plated.

Herkimer diamonds are natural crystals, so they vary in size, and shape. They may contain some cloudiness or natural inclusions, including carbon-based Anthraxolite. This appears as tiny black flecks within the crystal. No two of these bracelets are identical.



The bracelet is available in three sizes: Small (6.5 inches), Medium (7.5 inches) and Large (8.5 inches).

The measurement shown is the aprox inside circumference of the bangle.

If you are not sure which size would be most suitable for you, it is recommended that you measure the inside circumference of a bangle that fits you well, and choose the size which is closest to that.



This bracelet is made using delicate gemstones, so please handle with care. It is recommended that you keep it away from water and extreme humidity, and avoid sleeping in it. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.



The bracelet comes in a gift box, ready for giving.


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HERKIMER DIAMONDS are the most powerful of all quartz crystals. They are thought to have an exceptionally high spiritual energy. As well as amplifying this energy, they are often used to focus it. This means that they are used in many high-energy practises including dream and vision work and meditation. Herkimer diamonds are believed to store knowledge, so are often used by students, and in the workplace.


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