Natural Agate Statement Necklace

Rose and Rabbit Designs

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Incredible natural agate statement necklace.

Each of these necklaces is unique. They show natural banding and beautiful neutral colours.

You can choose exactly which agate necklace you would like using the drop-down menu.

Each necklace is suspended on a gold-plated chain, and you can choose your chain length using the drop-down menu.

The agate stones measure 2.25 - 2.75 inches in width (including the connectors).

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AGATE is traditionally associated with strength, harmony and protection. It is believed to encourage healing and bring calm, as well as restoring yin/yang energy. Agate is also believed to bring good luck, and is especially protective for children. Many believe that agate is helpful in alleviating stress and anxiety, increasing emotional strength and dispelling fears. In terms of physical health, it is thought that agate assists with detoxification, and is helpful with stomach issues, insomnia and tooth and gum problems.


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