Obsidian Arrowhead Necklace in Gold

Rose and Rabbit Designs

Regular price £14.99

This listing is for one black obsidian arrowhead necklace, on a gold-plated chain.

This rough crystal arrow necklace is ideal for those who love contemporary jewellery.

You can choose your chain length using the drop-down menu.

Each obsidian arrowhead measures 1.8 - 2 inches inches in length. Each one is rough-cut, and therefore unique.

You can choose which pendant you would like using the drop-down menu.

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OBSIDIAN is regarded as a stone of protection. It is used for removing negativity, and general healing. It is used to focus and sharpen vision, both externally and internally. It is also said to benefit the stomach, intestines and muscle tissue, and is said to help fight viral and bacterial infections. Obsidian is primarily associated with the root chakra.

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