Pink Aura Quartz Pendant in Gold

Rose and Rabbit Designs

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This listing is for one very pretty pink aura quartz pendant, on a gold-plated chain.

Each aura quartz pendant is rough-cut, and one of a kind. The crystals are a bright pink colour, and when the light hits them from a certain angle they show an incredible variety of colours on their surface.

You can choose your pendant using the drop-down menu. In the photograph showing our current stock, the pink aura quartz crystals are angled towards the light. When the stones are not angled towards the light in this way they appear only pink.

These pendants vary in size, shape, cut and iridescence. There may be natural 'imperfections' such as fissures and inclusions within the crystal, but this only adds to their unique appeal.

The aura quartz stones measure aprox 1.5 - 2 inches each in height.

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