Polychrome Jasper Stone Heart

Rose and Rabbit Designs

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Very pretty polychrome jasper stone heart.

Jasper is a form of chalcedony. As well as being used for decorative purposes, jasper heart stones are often carried by those who wish to deflect negative energy.


1.75" x 2" x 0.5"


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JASPER is known as the 'Nurturing Stone' and is associated with relaxation, gentleness and comfort. It is purportedly a powerful protection stone, and in Native American culture is historically used for rain-making. Jasper is also thought to bring beauty, both externally and internally, and has gained the name of 'The Make Up Stone'. Jasper is reportedly helpful when it comes to healing emotional trauma and unbalance, bringing inner peace to the wearer. It is also used to align the chakras.


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