Rainbow Fluorite Point Necklace

Rose and Rabbit Designs

Regular price £12.99

This listing is for one beautiful rainbow fluorite point necklace.

This pretty fluorite necklace is perfect for those who love natural stone jewellery. The pendant is suspended on a silver-plated chain, and you can select the length of the chain using the drop down menu.

The fluorite points measure aprox 1.25 inches each in height.

You can select which fluorite stone you would like using the drop-down menu.

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FLUORITE is associated with peace and protection. It is believed to increase spiritual development and reduce negative energy. Fluorite is thought to restore order and clarity in the life of the wearer, as well as assisting decision-making. It is consequently thought to allow plans to manifest and achieve fruition. Additionally it is believed to relieve tension and anxiety, alleviate depression and reduce fears.

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