Rhodonite Gemstone Necklace

Rose and Rabbit Designs

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Beautiful rhodonite gemstone necklace.

These necklaces are perfect for those who love holistic jewellery.

Each rhodonite gemstone is unique, and will vary slightly in pattern, colour concentration, etc.

Each stone is suspended on a gold-plated chain, and you can choose the chain length using the drop-down menu.

Each rhodonite stone measures aprox 1.25 inches in height.

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RHODONITE is believed to assist with emotional healing and balancing the emotions. It is also thought to reduce panic, anger and fear, while releasing blocked energy from the heart chakra. Many people use this stone to increase self esteem and self confidence, and increase stability in personal relationships. Rhodonite is associated with forgiveness and dream interpretation. It is also one of the Taurus birthstones.

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